‘ human beings are MANKINDs greatest asset’

Dr. Zumra Nuru

Awra Amba Community

Awra Amba intentional society has just celebrated its fiftieth years of formation in April 2022 under its iconic leader Zumra Nuru, who lead 18 peasant and youth forces to set up a cooperative with four famous major principles in mind:


Gender equality

In der Schule von Awra Amba

children´s rights


good deeds &
good speech


compassion & care
for the elderly

But there was a universal principle which bound all these four principles together and which was not stated explicitly: 

At the center of the universe and society should be human beings and their universal rights.

Any social, economic system that does not start from the principle of meeting human needs and unconditionally respecting rights as its central and organizing principle, should be recast to reflect this.

Later on a fifth principle was added:

All human beings should be welcomed to the community as members irrespective of ethnicity, race, creed & religion, language, social class or any other form of labeling and classifying people that undermines the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

What is so earthshaking about these principles of human solidarity was the fact that these bunch of 18 people were not intellectual zealots bent on changing the world. Zumra himself did not have a days schooling and could neither read or write and his fellow travelers were all of peasant origin with tilling the land as their main means of livelihood. 

With unabashed lack of modesty they took on the daunting task of setting up a new human centered world and creating a society of pioneers with no capital or intellectual stock or political organization to their fame.

The 18 pioneers were soon confronted with one big issue:

How do they make money when they had such little land for agricultural  production?

The answer was to develop a trade skill…

Soon the members undertook a training in weaving.

To make a long story short the wooden looms were eventually replaced by metal ones and this small scale industry became so succesfull that it trained whole generations of weavers. 

Awra Amba has now the greatest concentration of garment cottage industries realtive to total population.

Since its founding some 50 years ago, this intentional society has spread its activities and institutions and as the following pages show some of the main projects , there are now some 48 areas of activity.