The Baltina project is one of the most important projects in the community supporting some 15 people in direct production and another five in distribution and retailing. It competes with the Garment (Albasat) project for the most important project status in the community.

In short it produces some 24 different food products for national distribution and currently it supplies some 720 quintals of these products to the market at a gross value of 4.4 million Birr.

Its most famous product is the Awra Amba shiro from chickpeas and blended with 9 different spices . This product has captured the hearts and minds of some consumers in the nearby town of Debretabor. These customers normally walkout of the Hotels in the area if the establishment cannot supply their favorite Awra Amba Shiro.

Every effort is made to make this final product as organic as possible including purchasing from known suppliers. Our purchasers with over thirty years of experience of direct purchasing have intricate knowledge of farming practices of most regions including localities and individual farmers. They could easily write the best book on agricultural practices and trade in the North West of the Country.

Our producers are more like cottage or family producers rather than factory workers. They bring into the product the knowledge accumulated through the years and passed from several previous generations. So the products test great and have great nutritional value.

Added to this is the famous Awra Amba principle and more importantly, practice, of “do not do to others what you wouldn’t like others to do to you”. So the food they sell is the same or better than the food they would eat at home.

Among the most famous products are the Shiro ( chickpea powder blended with delicate spices) and Berbere (powdered chilies blended with 9 different spices in a lengthy process), The Atmit (a mixed cereal  drink) made of 8 different cereals and is nutritional, The Kinche ( a famous breakfast cereal made of crushed wheat that tastes really marvelous), The Besso ( a prepared barley flour food eaten after mixing with water and is nourishing for long distance travelers and many others including exotic cereals grown in the highland regions of the country.)

There are two official outlets for our Baltina Products, both of them are in Addis Ababa. one of them is in the commercial premises that surround Salite Mehret church in the Gourd Shola area and the other is in Jemmu Food cooperatives Market centre.

You could also contact our shops in Bahrdar and Woretta for supplies.

The Baltina project could really expand into a 300 quintal a month supply project to supply the whole national market but also to supply the Diaspora abroad. But we have been unable to build the factory that would make this happen due to shortage of funds. The 400sq m site and foundations for this project are photographed below. At the moment the project is operated from a temporary shed.The business and brand case for doing this are very strong and hopefully will happen soon. Anyone with resources that wants to participate in making this happen is welcome to get in touch using the general website contacts.

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